Top 5 bars in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires bar blmurch/Flickr

Buenos Aires bar ©blmurch/Flickr

Buenos Aires is a buzzing tourist destination, being home to numerous landmarks, visitor attractions, shopping spots and nightlife venues. This city attracts innumerable tourists yearly due to its unique atmosphere and tourist attractions. Besides the visitor attractions, clubs and bars also very popular among tourists. There are some excellent bars in the Argentine capital city which are famous for both locals and visitors. In case you are planning a visit to Buenos Aires and you love to visit local bars during your holiday, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the top 5 bars of Buenos Aires, including Ocho7Ocho, Congo, Miloca, Milion and Bar Seddon.


One of the best and most popular bars of Buenos Aires is the Ocho7Ocho. The interior of the bar is characterized by a stylishly “unfinished” décor. This characteristic is typical to many of the city’s recently renovated venues. Ocho7Ocho’s main highlight is its fantastic back-lit bar which offers a legendary collection of whisky. You will find this bar on Thames 878.

Buenos Aires bar blmurch/Flickr

Buenos Aires bar ©blmurch/Flickr


Congo has a great reputation in Buenos Aires. It is with no doubt one of the most popular bars of the city. The bar can be found in the neighborhood of Palermo, at Honduras 5329. The bar is typical Buenos Aires style and has an expansive interior. One of the highlights of the bar is an old tree protruding through the roof. Besides, it has other original features, too.


In case you would like to enjoy the typical Buenos Aires nightlife to the full, I recommend you to visit the Miloca. Located also in Palermo, at Niceto Vega 5189, the bar is an excellent venue of the city. The bar also has a romantic little terrace which is very attractive to guests. Miloca is a fantastic rooftop bar where you can enjoy the sunset over this majestic city.

Bar in Buenos Aires barbarobar/Flickr

Bar in Buenos Aires ©barbarobar/Flickr


Another excellent bar of the city is named Milion. The venue can be found in the neighborhood of Recoleta. Milion drags a select crowd throughout the afternoon and early evening hours, happy hour runs from 18:00 until 21:00. You’ll find the bar at Parana 1048. The bar is housed in a romantic old mansion. Romantic features and beautiful old furniture characterized the interior of the Milion, too.

Bar Seddon

Filled with old china, portraits of old tango crooners and wax-covered candlesticks, the Bar Seddon is a famous venue of Buenos Aires. If you would like to have a glass of excellent beer or a glass of Malbec, I suggest you to make a visit. If the night before was “too long”, have a submarino (it is actually a chocolate baton stirred into a glass of warm milk). It’ll help!

Cafe bar in Buenos Aires miuchi22/Flickr

Cafe bar in Buenos Aires ©miuchi22/Flickr





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