Top 5 luxury hotels in Argentina

View over Bariloche Matito/Flickr

View over Bariloche ©Matito/Flickr

Before traveling to a foreign country you’ve never been before, it is good to find out some information relating to the respective country’s culture, visitor attractions, language, money, accommodation options, local food and so on. If your next holiday destination is Argentina, you’ve found a great source of information about its best hotels. In case you have the necessary money, choose one of the top 5 luxury hotels of Argentina and have an unforgettable stay in this astonishing country. Any of the huge cities of Argentina you visit, it will surely has on offer some excellent luxury or boutique hotels. Are you interested in some? All you have to do is to read this guide below.

Algodon Mansion in Buenos Aires

One of the several luxury hotels of Buenos Aires, the Algodon Mansion is an excellent five-star hotel located in the heart of the city. All the rooms and suites are spacious and comfortable, the services are excellent and the personnel are professional. Besides, the bar and restaurant of the hotel are of a high standard. It is surely a perfect choice for an unforgettable stay in Buenos Aires.

Avenida Corrientes, Buenos Aires dandeluca/Flickr

Avenida Corrientes, Buenos Aires ©dandeluca/Flickr

El Colibri in Cordoba

El Colibri is actually a large and luxurious ranch presenting you the rural life of Argentina. It is actually located about 70 km of the city of Cordoba, but it is worth choosing this unique hotel. All the rooms and suites are luxurious and spacious, with wood-burning fireplaces, TV, satellite and so on. They offer you great activities, like horseback riding, socializing with animals, hunting, bird watching, walking tours and so on. It is surely a unique experience for the whole family.

Cordoba Cathedral Expat Bob/Flickr

Cordoba Cathedral ©Expat Bob/Flickr

EOLO – Patagonia’s Spirit in El Calafate

Representing the true spirit of Patagonia, the fantastic luxury hotel EOLO is the best choice if your destination is El Calafate. The hotel is actually located about thirty minutes from the town, on the way to the fantastic Perito Moreno Glacier, more precisely in the La Anita Valley. It is actually a luxurious country lodge with spacious and large windowed rooms which allow the guests to admire the pristine nature. There is an indoor swimming pool and sauna in the lodge, not to mention the excellent restaurant.

Aldebaran Hotel & Spa in Bariloche

In case you visit the ski paradise of Argentina, the famous city of San Carlos de Bariloche, stay at the fascinating Aldebaran Hotel & Spa. As its name suggests it, there are offered excellent spa services to the guests. Having a picturesque setting, the hotel is very attractive for tourists. There are both guest rooms and suites in the hotel. There is also an excellent restaurant here and they offer a large variety of activities, including excursions and sport activities.

View over Bariloche Matito/Flickr

View over Bariloche ©Matito/Flickr

InterContinental Mendoza

If you visit the vine capital of Argentina, the fascinating city of Mendoza, I suggest you to make a reservation at the luxurious InterContinental Mendoza. The fantastic luxury hotel owns a large casino, three restaurants, meeting spaces and is located closely to the biggest shopping mall of the city. All the 24 suites and 180 rooms are spacious and comfortable and the services are excellent. There is also an indoor swimming pool, not to mention the luxurious spa facilities.

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