Top 5 must see National Parks in Argentina

outstanding landscape of Argentina

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There is no complete holiday to Argentina without having visiting the most representative National Parks of the country. Argentina is a country with an outstanding landscape and wildlife. With its rocky mountains, raging rivers, its lake districts and fascinating waterfalls, provides a perfect spot where nature lovers could escape from the today’s fast paced world. So if you are looking for a perfect holiday in the paradise of nature, explore the top 5 National Parks listed below and discover the hidden treasure of Argentina.

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina


It is Argentina’s first National Park, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers. Mount Tronador has the most representative peak of the park with its 3544 m. Visitors are amazed by the park’s famous fauna which compromises cormorant, herons, cooking gulls, guamal (deer) puma, pudu, (deer), hullin (river woolf) red fox.  There you will find some autochthonous species such as the perch (fish). An attractive point of the park is the Frias River. For sport lovers the park can be the perfect spot. Skiing, trekking, hiking, canoeing and fishing are some of the activities practiced in the park. You can also take part into a 65km tail Cherro Chico  around the Nahuel Huapi lake by bike. There is an amazing panoramic opportunity if you go up to the Cero Catedral ski center. It is a perfect opportunity to catch the spectacular landscape with your camera. Other tourist destination nearer to this park is San Carlos de Bariloche.

Talampaya National Park- La Rioja

Parque Nacional Talampaya in Argentina


Perhaps the most interesting National Park in Argentina, it is a home of the autochthonous flora and fauna reservation. Because it has an archeological and paleontology reservation it is among the most visited national park by the tourists. Without any further ado it is a paradise of scientist due to the succession of petroglyhs and ceramics which belonged to the inhabitants before the colonization. You can take part into an amazing canyon where you will be enchanted by the canyon’s colored sandstone cliffs which change its intensity from sunrise to sunset. Nearer tourist destination to the Talampaya National Park is La Rioja (170km).

Iguazo National Park

Iguazu waterfalls

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It is a worth see National Park in Argentina where you can trek through the jungle and see the spectacular Iguazu waterfalls. The park is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is declared as an UNSCO world heritage. A specialty of the area is the Gorganta dej Diablo (devil’s throat) path which takes you into an impressive walk up around the waterfalls. By the thunderous and raucous noise of the waterfalls you will be involved into the paradise of the natural beauty. There you will face with the abundance of the area’s interesting flora and fauna. The reservation preserves hundreds of bird species and five giant cats. The park it is aimed to serve as the preservation of the waterfalls and the surrounded Missionist Forest. The immeasurable world of insects makes the area’s ecosystem one of the richest Natural Park of the country. Puerto Iguazo is the closest destination of the area.

The Glaciers National Park

Cerro Torre Mountain lies in Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park

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There is a place in Patagonia where you will be face with the amazement of the richness and natural beauty of The Glaciers National Park. Number of glaciers, mountain ranges attracts hiking fanatics to try the charming and challenging climbs of Fitz Roy Mountain, which dominates in the whole surrounding landscape. It is a unique park, with its glaciers provides a distinctive protected area in Argentina. The Perito Moreno Glacier with its 60 meter high provides a glamorous sight for the visitors. The park was declared as the Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO world heritage. Its fauna host species from extinction. Some of them are: hullin, pudu, huanaco (camelid) and guemal. Nearest tourist destination is El Calafate (80 km).

Tierra de Fuego National Park

Tierra de Fuego National Park, Argentina

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It is the southernmost protected area of Argentina. With its irregular relief, the abundance of mountains, glacial erosion, lakes and rivers it provides an outstanding landscape for the visitors.  The succession of mountain ranges divides the valleys, thus they are quite difficult to reach…Why is this park so special?.  it is known as the only park which has sea cost that contribute to be surrounded by the sea birds and sea mammals. Concerning to the arboreal vegetation it is a flower reaches area, with species of yellow violets, green and yellow orchids etc. Nearest tourist destination to the park is Ushuaia (11km).

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