Top beaches in Argentina

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Are you a fan of sun and sea? Do you travel to Argentina on your next holiday? I have good news for you: there are numerous gorgeous beaches all along the Atlantic coast, on the eastern part of the country. As summer in Argentina is between December and March, you have to be ready soon. Make your packages and have a fantastic experience.

Don’t you know which beach to choose? If you are interested in the top beaches in Argentina, you have found the right article. It will include useful information relating to these beaches. There are quite peaceful beaches, spa resorts, wild stretches of coastline and non-stop party resorts. Whether you are a fan of beach parties or you would just like to relax in peaceful atmosphere, you will surely find at least one beach which will suit your preference. The following article may help you choose the best one.

Mar del Plata

The absolutely top beach of Argentina was built in 1874, being the oldest beach resort of the country. Mar del Plata is extremely popular among tourists so if the crowd bothers you, I suggest you to skip this beach. With about 17 km of fantastic coastline Mar del Plata is surrounded by spectacular rolling hills, giving the beach’s setting more attractiveness. There are fantastic hotels and restaurants all along the coastline. The nightlife is excellent, so if the crowd doesn’t bother you and you are a fan of parties, this is the perfect beach for you!

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Another fantastic beach is Necochea. Being an extremely long (about 74 km) beach, Necochea presents white and soft sand. The surroundings are not as attractive as they are at Mar del Plata. This beach is more like a budget traveler’s beach. The central part is modern with a good selection of accommodation. If you travel on low budget, this beach is the perfect choice.

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A more exclusive beach is Pinamar. It is a popular spot for rich local people and tourists. Also, if you are traveling with children or looking for relaxation, this beach is the best choice! The beach is beautiful which rises the attractiveness of the place. Besides, there are boutique hotels, luxurious restaurants and spas along the coastline.


A quite peaceful beach is Miramar. If you are looking for relaxation, calm and safeness, choose this beach. It is also very popular among cyclers. If you are traveling with children, Miramar is also the best choice. It is also well facilitated. Besides, the town of Miramar is very nice and attractive.

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Pehuén Có

More of a wild beach is Pehuén Có. If you are an adventurer you surely can’t go wrong with this beach. With no buildings, tourist crowds or anything else which could bother you, Pehuén Có is the best natural beach of Argentina.


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