Tourist guide to Bariloche

Bariloche sunrise Matito/Flickr

Bariloche sunrise ©Matito/Flickr

The astonishing San Carlos de Bariloche (or simply Bariloche) is a top tourist destination in Argentina. It is famous for being an excellent ski resort. Bariloche is a city located in the province of Rio Negro, at the foothills of the wonderful Andes. The city is surrounded by breathtaking lakes which gives more attractiveness to the area. It attracts dozens of tourists every year, especially during winter time (which is June to August). So, if you would like to spend a great vacation in Argentina during the following months and you are an adept of skiing, Bariloche is the perfect destination for you. In case you need more information, read the following tourist guide to Bariloche.


The city is famous for its fantastic ski facilities and the breathtaking surrounding area. Bariloche is surrounded by the following mountains: Cerro Catedral, Tronador and Cerro Lopez and the following lakes: Moreno Lake, Nahuel Huapi, Mascardi Lake and so on. Besides being an important ski centre, Bariloche is a perfect destination for those who love water sports, climbing and trekking.

The city also offers great visitor attractions for those who love sightseeing tours. The highlights for skiers and nature-lovers are: Cerro Catedral (the biggest ski centre on the continent), Cerro Tronador with its black glacier, Circuito Chico, Cerro Lopez and so on.

Bariloche sunrise Matito/Flickr

Bariloche sunrise ©Matito/Flickr

Food and drink

The resort offers numerous restaurants, bars and cafés to its visitors. Some of the best venues in the city are the following: El Bariloche de Alberto, Casita Suiza, Morfys, Sesamo, Cassis Restaurant, Wilkenny, Malabar, Friends and so on. Whatever you prefer, you will surely find a restaurant and bar which suit your preferences. Be prepared for expensive meals. As it is a tourist resort, the prices are quite high.

Besides, there are numerous chocolate shops in Bariloche. The chocolate is produces and sold at the same place. Some of the best shops are: Benroth, Mamuschka, Rapa Nui, Bonifacio and so on.

Bariloche ski facilities fer3d/Flickr

Bariloche ski facilities ©fer3d/Flickr


Obviously, there are numerous luxury, mid-range and budget hotels in the resort. The budget hotels get quickly full, so it is good to make you reservation in time. Some budget hotels and hostels are Bariloche Hostel, Costa Azul Apart, La Justina, Tangoinn SoHo and so on. Some mid-range hotels are Edelweiss Hotel, Aconcagua Hotel, Los Helechos, Grand Hotel Bariloche and others. Some luxury hotels are Galileo Boutique Hotel and Design Suites Hotel.

The Nahuel Huapi Lake ramonbaile/Flickr

The Nahuel Huapi Lake ©ramonbaile/Flickr


As for the young travelers, Bariloche has some excellent dance clubs on offer, including Bypass, Grisu, Rocket, Cerebro, Dusk and others. Look for the Moreno Street if you want the best nightlife scene.  

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