Tourist guide to Posadas

Posadas, the bridge loco085/Flickr

Posadas, the bridge ©loco085/Flickr

The capital city of the wonderful province of Misiones, Posadas can be a great place to visit if you choose this region as your next holiday destination. This small city is characterized by a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. It is a beautiful city, with many sights to visit. Besides, you can visit the surroundings of the city, too. The province of Misiones is famous for owning some astonishing tourist attractions such as the Iguazu Waterfalls, the former Jesuit mission – San Ignacio Miní and others. If you are interested in more information relating to the city, you have to read the following article. It will serve as a tourist guide to Posadas. I hope it will help you.

How to get there

If you want to get to Posadas from Buenos Aires, you can do it by plane, by bus, by train or by private vehicle. There are direct flights from the Jorge Newbury Airport of the capital city to Posadas. The bus trip from Buenos Aires to Posadas takes about 12 hours. It might be a little exhausting. The train is cheaper than any other means of transportation. Whatever you would choose, as you can see, you can get easily to Posadas.   

Posadas square cecito/Flickr

Posadas square ©cecito/Flickr


The city and its surroundings are very attractive. The main landmarks and visitor attractions of Posadas are the following: the Misiones Government House, the San Roque Bridge, Posadas Cathedral, the Monument to Malvinas and others.

Besides, you can get from Posadas to several other attractions in the province of Misiones. Such highlights are the Iguazu Falls and the former Jesuit mission of San Ignacio Miní. Both of them are renowned attractions of the region and even of the entire country. Visiting these sights will surely make you a memorable Argentine holiday.

Posadas Cathedral loco085/Flickr

Posadas Cathedral ©loco085/Flickr

Food and drink

As for the restaurants, bars and cafés, there are some good ones in Posadas. The city’s riverwalk, the “La Costanera” is known for its several great restaurants, including the Barlovento, the La Ruedita and so on. There are also good bars in the city, including the Bahia, the Bocatto, Vittragge, the Status and others.

Posadas, the bridge loco085/Flickr

Posadas, the bridge ©loco085/Flickr


There are plenty of hotels in Posadas. You can choose from the Hotel Libertador, Hotel Posadas, Hotel Continental, Hotel Julio Cesar, Hotel Residencial Misiones, Hostel Vuela el Pez and so on. As you can see, there is a large variety of hotels in the city. If you are a young traveler, willing to save some money, choose the hostel of the city. You will love it.


Posadas is well-known for its tobacco, furniture, food and textile industries. If you would like to purchase some good souvenirs, you can do it here. The Posadas Plaza Shopping is the most significant shopping mall of the city. Besides, there are other shops and shopping areas in Posadas, too. You can also buy handmade artisanal objects by the Guarani Indians.

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