Tourist guide to the Pampas Region

Buenos Aires church David Berkowitz/Flickr

Buenos Aires church ©David Berkowitz/Flickr

The Pampas Region is situated in central Argentina. The beautiful area is bordered by several regions: by the Chaco region, by the La Plata River (which separates it from Uruguay), the Mesopotamia region, by the Cuyo region, the Atlantic Ocean and by Patagonia region.

The region of Pampas includes the following provinces: Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba and La Pampa. These provinces include fantastic cities which are with no doubt worth visiting. The capital city, the buzzing Buenos Aires is the most important tourist destination within the region, followed by the beautiful cities of Rosario and Cordoba. Are you interested in these destinations? Read the following tourist guide to the Pampas Region.  

Buenos Aires Province

Although you might think that the province’s capital is the city which wears the same name, the truth is that today the provincial capital is La Plata. The largest Argentine province only surrounds the Argentine capital city.

The main tourist destinations within the province are the following: the city of La Plata, numerous seaside resorts of which the most important is Mar del Plata. Other seaside resorts are La Costa, Miramar, Pinamar, Necochea and so on.

Mar del Plata fernandosouza/Flickr

Mar del Plata ©fernandosouza/Flickr

The city of Buenos Aires

The most important tourist destination of the Pampas Region is with no doubt the capital city, Buenos Aires. It is a fantastic buzzing city, being home to hundreds of visitor attractions. Some of the major landmarks of the city are the following: the Casa Rosada, the Obelisk, the Cabildo, the National Congress, Teatro Colon, the Metropolitan Cathedral and so on. Buenos Aires includes fantastic museums, parks and gardens, theatres and other sights. It is with no doubt a must-visit city.

Buenos Aires church David Berkowitz/Flickr

Buenos Aires church ©David Berkowitz/Flickr

Santa Fe Province

Another spectacular province to visit is the province of Santa Fe. The main tourist destinations of it are the cities of Santa Fe and Rosario. The astonishing city of Rosario is its largest city. It is a major destination for visitors, as it includes some excellent tourist attractions, such as tens of fantastic museums, theatres, its famous Planetarium, the National Flag Memorial, the Palacio de los Leones and others. The provincial capital, Santa Fe is also a fantastic place to visit with excellent attractions.

Cordoba Province

Including the fascinating city of Cordoba, the province is also attractive among visitors. As the second largest city of the country, Cordoba is a great tourist destination, being famous for its beautiful colonial buildings and the picturesque hills which surround it. The main highlight of the city is the Jesuit Block which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other attractions include churches, palaces, museums, parks and gardens.

Cordoba BoHeMIo/Flickr

Cordoba ©BoHeMIo/Flickr

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