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Cordoba Cathedral BoHeMIo/Flickr

Cordoba Cathedral ©BoHeMIo/Flickr

Founded before Buenos Aires, Córdoba used to be the first capital city of Argentina. Today it is the second most important city of the country. Nowadays the tourism industry is expanding. The mix of colonial and modern buildings is extremely attractive for tourists, not to mention the possibility of visiting the nearby Andes and the Pampas. Its location also provides a place for practicing many adventure and extreme sports. The city is located in the geographical centre of the country and drags numerous tourists each year. If you would also like to visit Córdoba, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some tourist information about Córdoba.

How to get there

There are daily domestic flights to the city from Buenos Aires, Mendoza and other major Argentine cities. Besides, there are direct international flights to Córdoba from several Latin American cities. Numerous flights arrive and depart from Tallavera Airport.

The airport is located about a thirty-minute drive from the central part of Córdoba. You can take a cab to get inside the city. There are also long distance bus services taking the passengers to Córdoba from different cities.

Cordoba Cathedral BoHeMIo/Flickr

Cordoba Cathedral ©BoHeMIo/Flickr

Local transportation

There are several types of means of transportation within the city. Black and yellow metered taxis are common. Besides, tourists can take a city tour on red British style double-decker buses.

Tourist attractions

There are numerous tourist attractions in the city, including several colonial buildings, museums, palaces, churches and so on. The city center is dominated by gorgeous colonial buildings. Most of these have been built by the Jesuits during the 17th and 18th centuries. One of the highlights of the city, the Manzana de los Jesuitas has been declared the Humanity’s patrimony by UNESCO.

The Cathedral, the Palacio Ferreyra, the building of the Cabildo, the Palacio Municipal, Córdoba Observatorium, numerous monuments, churches, squares and tens of museums await the visitors of Córdoba.

Cordoba Museum of Fine Arts Expat Bob/Flickr

Cordoba Museum of Fine Arts ©Expat Bob/Flickr


As Córdoba is an important business centre, many hotels can accommodate large groups. There are many hotels to choose of. There are several accommodation options outside the city, too, including ranches turned into guest ranches like the well-known Estancia Corralito which specializes in dove shooting.


People in Córdoba like their meat. You probably know that Argentine cuisine varies a little from province to province. The traditional meals in Córdoba are the asado, the locro, stew with corn, lomito sandwiches and of course the empanadas. There are several budget, mid-range and luxurious restaurants in the city. Which one to choose, only depends on your preference.

Cordoba shopping street happylilcoder/Flickr

Cordoba shopping street ©happylilcoder/Flickr



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