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Train to the Clouds nicomendoza84/Flickr

Train to the Clouds ©nicomendoza84/Flickr

An absolutely unique experience in Argentina is to travel with the Train to the Clouds also known as the Tren a las Nubes. This fantastic and unique tourist train service gets its name from the clouds often seen under the bridges the train passes over.

The train starts its journey from the city of Salta, more precisely from the station named General Belgrano. It starts at a height of about 1.100 meters above sea level and stops at the last viaduct (on a height of 4.220 m) of the total 13. The railway was actually built for economic purpose, but today it is a heritage railway, used for tours. With several bridges and tunnels, the route offers an astonishing experience. If you visit Salta, I’d recommend you not to miss this experience.

About the train and railway

The fantastic Train to the Clouds (Tren a las Nubes) is considered to be one of the most amazing trains of the world. It literally takes you up to the clouds. On its 217 km journey, it reaches an amazing height of 4.220 m, starting from the beautiful city of Salta, passing across the Cordillera de los Andes, the Valle de Lerma and reaching La Puna.

The railway is considered to be one of the world’s highest railways. Traveling with this train gives the passengers a unique experience, as the surrounding sceneries are breathtaking. The fantastic railway line includes almost 30 bridges, about 20 tunnels, 13 viaducts and other twists and turns.

Tren a las Nubes Veronique Debord/Flickr

Tren a las Nubes ©Veronique Debord/Flickr

The route

As I already mentioned it, the train starts from the train station named General Belgrano, from the city of Salta and ends its journey at La Polvorilla Viaduct. There are several stops and stations along the route. The railway passes by and through some breathtaking natural attractions, including the Valle de Lerma and the Cordillera de los Andes.

Train to the Clouds nicomendoza84/Flickr

Train to the Clouds ©nicomendoza84/Flickr


Some of the major stations are the following: Cerrillos, Rosario de Lerma, Campo Quijano, El Alisal, Chorrillos, Ing. Mauri, Puerta de Tastil, Meseta, Diego de Almagro, Cachinal, Abro Munano and San Antonio de los Cobres. The last stop is at the La Polvorilla Viaduct.

La Polvorilla Viaduct Brenda Fernandez/Flickr

La Polvorilla Viaduct ©Brenda Fernandez/Flickr

Other information

The train can accommodate up to 468 passengers. It travels with an average speed of 35 km/h. Among the facilities and services offered by the train are: a dining car, medical assistance, security personnel, bilingual audio guides and video guides.

The train attracts about 30.000 of tourists every year. The season starts in April and ends in November. The train operates two times a week: in Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving at 7:05. (August 2013)




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