Unforgettable things to do in Buenos Aires

Argentine tango dancers Buenos Aires prayitno/Flickr

Argentine tango dancers Buenos Aires ©prayitno/Flickr

Buenos Aires is a fantastic city which is undoubtedly worth visiting. If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Argentina, you can not miss to visit its capital city. There are dozens of unique landmarks and visitor attractions here, including historic buildings, architectural jewels, museums, theatres, parks, gardens and other sights. Besides these attractions, visitors can do some unforgettable things in Buenos Aires, too. Watching tango dancers, visiting the unusual neighborhoods of the city, getting out in the “Tigre”, meeting Gauchos or eating some traditional foods is with no doubt a unique experience. Try as many as you can! You will have part of a memorable vacation.

Watching tango dancers

As you surely know it, Argentina is world famous for its tango dance. Many tourists are interested in the local tango performances. You shouldn’t miss it either. A new branch of tango, the modern tango is more and more popular nowadays. In case you would like to watch a modern tango show, go to the Club Atletico on Wednesday night. If you love music and you love to dance, you will surely be amazed.

Argentine tango dancers Buenos Aires prayitno/Flickr

Argentine tango dancers Buenos Aires ©prayitno/Flickr

Visiting the unusual neighborhoods

Buenos Aires has some fantastic neighborhoods (barrios). Every barrio is famous for its unique atmosphere and is worth visiting. The Caminito barrio is famous for example for its colorful building, while San Telmo is well-known for the colonial buildings of it and Palermo for its great cafés and boutiques. Visit as many as you can, you will surely enjoy the day!

The Caminito Marc_Smith/Flickr

The Caminito ©Marc_Smith/Flickr

Going to the “Tigre”

What is the “Tigre”? It is actually outside the city, but it’s worth visiting. Tigre is a town famous for its wonderful delta. So, if you would like to get rid of the urban stress, the best thing to do is to buy a train ticket and go to Tigre. The delta is also the starting point to the Paraná Delta as it is connected with it by rivers and streams.

Meeting Gauchos

Haven’t you heard of the Gauchos until now? The Gauchos are “residents of the South American pampas”. Dressed up like the Gauchos, young and old locals perform the country dance named chacareras at the Fería de Mataderos. If you would like to get in touch with local culture or you are interested in Argentine traditions, getting to the Fería de Mataderos is the best thing to do.

Gaucho, Argentina The Travelista/Flickr

Gaucho, Argentina ©The Travelista/Flickr

Eating some traditional foods

Eating traditional food in a country you spend your holiday at is a usual thing, but Argentine food is something unforgettable. The food may not be unfamiliar to you, as the main dish for them is the steak, but this steak is not the one you make at home. The capital city is famous for its high quality steaks. You can not miss to taste it either!

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