Unusual attractions and outdoor activities in Argentina

Puente del Inca audvloid/Flickr

Puente del Inca ©audvloid/Flickr

Argentina is a wonderful and exciting country. It owns some fantastic visitor attractions and beautiful cities which are worth visiting. In case your next holiday destination is Argentina and you are an adventure traveler, looking for some unusual attractions and outdoor activities instead of the usual sights, the following guide is a must-read for you. Below I will present you some fascinating and unique visitor attractions and activities which make great ideas for tourists. Visiting the unique Puente del Inca, the Salt flats in Salsa, the House of Bottles and riding a boat at the breathtaking Iguazu Waterfalls are special tourist activities.

The unique Puente del Inca

What is the Puente del Inca? It is actually a natural arch or a bridge. The bridge is considered to be formed by the interaction of extreme elements: the nearby hot springs and ice (scientists say that the actual river which flows beneath was covered by ice in ancient times). During the 20th century there used to be a thermal spa and resort here due to the presence of the hot springs. This resort doesn’t exist today. 

The Puente del Inca is a very attractive visitor attraction. Visiting this unique and unusual sight makes an unforgettable experience.

Puente del Inca audvloid/Flickr

Puente del Inca ©audvloid/Flickr

The Salt flats in Salsa

Another unique visitor attraction of Argentina is the Salt flats of Salta. Situated in north-western Argentina, the province of Salta is known all around the world for its Salt flats. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, this unique area is very popular among tourists.

In case you are searching for something unusual, the Salt flats is a perfect sight for you. This unique landscape can not be found anywhere else in the world. If you visit the province of Salta, you can not miss to visit this fascinating area.

Salta Salt flats borderlys/Flickr

Salta Salt flats ©borderlys/Flickr

The unusual House of Bottles

The unique House of Bottles can be found in the town of Quilmes. The town is situated quite closely to the capital city, Buenos Aires. The house is entirely made out of local beer bottles. This beer is the most popular beer of the country. This unusual house is becoming the town’s major highlight which is not surprising at all. Just imagine…a house built of bottles….Visiting it is surely a unique experience.

Boat riding at the breathtaking Iguazu Waterfalls

The Iguazu Waterfalls are world famous due to their breathtaking height and the large number of composing falls. The landscape is surely picturesque. A visit to this astonishing natural attraction is with no doubt something special.

Taking part on a boat ride at the falls is an exciting experience. If you would like to feel the immense power of the falls up close, take part on such a ride for a price of only 15 USD. (May 2013) You will surely be amazed! 

Iguazu Falls boat ride Liam and Hels - Big Trip/Flickr

Iguazu Falls boat ride ©Liam and Hels – Big Trip/Flickr

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