Useful tips for travelers to Córdoba

Cordoba Cathedral Expat Bob/Flickr

Cordoba Cathedral ©Expat Bob/Flickr

The second largest city of Argentina, Córdoba is a fantastic destination for tourists. It has a picturesque setting, being surrounded by valleys and mountains. The city is famous for its magnificent colonial buildings and scenic hills. There are dozens of wonderful attractions in the city which are with no doubt worth visiting. From churches to museums, from parks to gardens, from theatres to palaces and monuments, Córdoba is abundant in visitor attractions. If you are planning a journey to this spectacular city, I have good news for you! Below I will present some useful tips for travelers to Córdoba. If you’ve never been to Córdoba before, I am sure that the following information will help you.

Visitor attractions

As I already mentioned it, there are dozens of things to see in the gorgeous city of Córdoba. Whether you prefer to visit churches, museums or gardens, you will find everything here. The cathedral is the main religious building in the city. It is known as the Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and was designated as a National Historic Monument. The cathedral is a major landmark and visitor attraction of the city. Another significant landmark is the Jesuit Block which was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is extremely popular among visitors. It contains the University of Córdoba, a church and other buildings. As for the museums, the most interesting is the Evita Fine Arts Museum. Other sights include palaces, monuments, theatres, parks and gardens.

Cordoba Cathedral Expat Bob/Flickr

Cordoba Cathedral ©Expat Bob/Flickr

Local transportation

Local transportation is not as developed as in Buenos Aires, for example. The major means of transportation is the bus. There are different kinds of colors, all signed by letters. Besides, yellow taxis are also popular. Pay attention if you are traveling by taxi, because drivers are very sensitive about their cabs.


There are plenty of hotels in Córdoba, ranging from budget hotels to luxury ones. Most of them can be found in the city centre. Some of the best budget hotels are the following: Hotel Victoria, Hostel The One, Che Salguero Hostel, Córdoba Hostel and so on. Some mid-range hotels are: Hotel El Virrey, NH Panorama, Hotel Automóvil Club and others. As for the luxurious hotels, Sheraton Hotel, Hotel Holiday Inn and the Plaza Internacional Córdoba Hotel are just three of the most important ones.

Hotel room at Cordoba Avodrocc/Flickr

Hotel room at Cordoba ©Avodrocc/Flickr

Eat and drink

There are dozens of restaurants and bars in Córdoba. Just like in case of the hotels there are different categories of restaurants, ranging from budget ones to luxurious venues. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something great. Some of the budget hotels of the city are the following: 31 Grados, Juanito and others. Casa de Salta and Potrerillo are two of the mid-range restaurants while II Gato and Guccio are dedicated to the high-class visitors.

Restaurant in Cordoba Avodrocc/Flickr

Restaurant in Cordoba ©Avodrocc/Flickr

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