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Casa Rosada (Italian portico)

Casa Rosada (Italian portico) ©

As one of the most spectacular districts of Buenos Aires, Monserrat is a very attractive barrio. Situated in the eastern part of the capital city, Monserrat owns some outstanding visitor attractions, such as the landmarks on the Plaza de Mayo (Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Cabildo, May Pyramid and so on) and the avenue named Avenida de Mayo with its architectural jewels. Thus, it is not surprising that Monserrat is extremely popular among visitors.

The deluge of the spectacular buildings, statues and parks makes it one of the best barrios of Buenos Aires. If you would like to visit the amazing district, Monserrat, I suggest you to read the following article before traveling.

Casa Rosada

As one of the best-known landmarks of Buenos Aires, the Casa Rosada is also one of the most photographed buildings of both Monserrat and the capital city. Situated on the Plaza de Mayo, it serves as the office of the Argentine President. The building is extremely popular due to its baby pink color, being declared a National Historic Monument. It also houses a museum which presents exhibits relating to former Argentine presidents. The fantastic visitor attraction of Monserrat is open for visitors on weekends, from 10:00 until 18:00. (January 2013)

Casa Rosada (Italian portico)

Casa Rosada (Italian portico) ©

Buenos Aires Cabildo

The public building named Cabildo is another major visitor attraction of Monserrat, being situated on the Plaza de Mayo. Today, it serves as the National Museum of the Cabildo. It contains fantastic collections of paintings, clothes, artifacts and jewelry dating from the 18th century.


Cabildo ©

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Another fantastic landmark situated on the Plaza de Mayo is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The beautiful cathedral needed reconstruction several times over the centuries, today wearing the characteristics of several different architectural styles: Neo-Renaissance, Neoclassical (the main façade) and Neo-Baroque (decorations). The amazing cathedral is a major visitor attraction of Monserrat.

Palacio Barolo

The fantastic landmark named Palacio Barolo can be found on the Avenida de Mayo. Declared a National Historic Monument, it is a beautiful Eclectic building which houses numerous offices, a shop, a school, travel agencies and so on. The Palacio Barolo is a major landmark on the avenue and an astonishing architectural jewel of the city.

Buenos Aires City Hall

Also situated on the Plaza de Mayo, the astonishing and immense building serves as Buenos Aires’ executive seat of government. As another great landmark of Monserrat, the Buenos Aires City Hall was inaugurated in 1893. As you can see, there are numerous outstanding landmarks and beautiful buildings in the district of Monserrat. It is absolutely worth visiting it.

Buenos Aires City Hall Liam Quinn/Flickr

Buenos Aires City Hall ©Liam Quinn/Flickr


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