Visit the Argentine Patagonia

Chubut, photo by Lisandro M. Enrique/Flickr

As we all know, Patagonia is a region which can be found at the southern end of the South American continent. The region lies on the territory of two countries: Chile and Argentina. It provides breathtaking landscapes, some of which are considered the world’s most dramatic ones. The southern part of the Andes and the Río Colorado are situated in this breathtaking region. There are four provinces on the territory of the Argentine Patagonia: Chubut, Río Negro, Santa Cruz and Neuquén. If you find this description interesting and would like to visit the Argentine Patagonia, the following article is the right source of information for you.


The capital city of the province, Rawson is situated on the Atlantic coast, at the mouth of the Chubut River. The city is quite small, but very attractive. There are two museums and even a zoo in Rawson. As for the natural attractions, the province of Chubut is traversed by many rivers. A major highlight of the region is the peninsula named Punta Tombo which is home to a large colony of Magellanic Penguins. Other birds living in the region are seagulls, cormorants and other sea birds. Another fantastic natural jewel of Chubut is the Puelo Lake. There was founded a national park in order to protect the biodiversity of the lake. It is named Lago Puelo National Park. As for the activities which can be practiced in the region, fly fishing is very popular, attracting thousands of fishermen each year.

Chubut, photo by Lisandro M. Enrique/Flickr

Río Negro

The province got its name after a river which flows throughout the region. The capital city of it is Viedma. It is an area of amazing natural beauty. The province is also traversed by numerous rivers. Mount Otto is one of the best attractions of the area. It is situated near Bariloche and is a major tourist attraction. Bariloche is a beautiful and very attractive city of the province. It is set in wonderful landscape, in the Andes’ foothills. The city is very popular among the lovers of mountaineering, skiing and trekking. Today the city’s major economic activity is tourism.

Bariloche, photo by Matito/Flickr

Santa Cruz

The largest province of the region, Santa Cruz is a popular tourist destination, being home to the magnificent and famous Mount Fitz Roy, among others. The mountain can be found on the border between Chile and Argentina. The tallest peak of it is more than 3.300 m high. Another spectacular natural attraction is the Jaramillo Petrified Forests National Monument. It contains the most important Jurassic-era forest remains of the world. The most significant and most famous natural attraction of Santa Cruz is the breathtaking Perito Moreno Glacier. The fascinating and immense glacial attracts dozens of tourists each year.

Perito Moreno Glacier, photo by Hecto Garcia/Flickr


The province is of an outstanding natural beauty, with numerous mountains, lakes and rivers. With beautiful valleys and mountains, the province is perfect for nature-lovers. The almost intact nature is amazing, attracting dozens of visitors. There are such beautiful lakes in the region like Lacar Lake, Huechulafquen Lake and so on. The villages of the province are also very attractive to foreign visitors.


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