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Buenos Aires Cabildo

Buenos Aires Cabildo ©

The wonderful city of Buenos Aires houses numerous interesting and fascinating museums, so if going to museums is your thing and you are traveling to the Argentine capital city on your next holiday, you are a lucky person. There are numerous great museums in the city of which I will present you the best and most popular ones. If you would like to visit the best museums in Buenos Aires, I suggest you to read the following guide before traveling. Some of the best museums are the following: the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Buenos Aires Cabildo, the National Historical Museum, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium, the Water Company Palace and others.

National Museum of Fine Arts

The spectacular National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires is a major visitor attraction of the city. The fantastic art museum attracts about one million visitors every year. It was established in 1895, being housed today on the Avenida de Libertador. The ground floor includes about 20 exhibit halls. These halls house fantastic collection of international paintings dating from the Middle Ages. The museum’s art history library can also be found on the ground floor. The first floor contains 8 exhibit halls which house collections of paintings by some important Argentine painters.

Buenos Aires Cabildo

As one of the most popular museums of Buenos Aires, the Cabildo is one of the landmarks of the city. The full name of the museum is the National Museum of the Cabildo and the May Revolution. There are presented exhibitions of 18th century paintings, jewelry, artifacts and clothes.

Buenos Aires Cabildo

Buenos Aires Cabildo ©

National Historical Museum

Presenting collections relating to the Argentine history, the National Historical Museum is another popular visitor attraction of Buenos Aires. Located on 1600 Defensa Street, the museum was established in 1889. It includes about 50.000 of objects which present the country’s history. If you would like to find out more about the Argentine War of Independence or the May Revolution, this is the place to go.

Galileo Galilei Planetarium

Also known as the Planetario, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium is a fascinating museum. If you are interested in astronomy and fossils, you can not miss this amazing visitor attraction of Buenos Aires. It includes some highlights as a fantastic piece of lunar rock and sea life fossils. Situated in Palermo, it is very popular among visitors.

The Planetario in Buenos Aires

The Planetario in Buenos Aires ©

Water Company Palace

The astonishing building of the Water Company Palace is one of the best-known landmarks of the city. Although it houses just a small museum of water works, it is a very interesting visitor attraction. Besides, the building houses some water company offices. If you are interested in water works, you shouldn’t miss this museum.

The Water Company Palace

The Water Company Palace ©



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