Visit the fantastic San Miguel de Tucumán

Tucumán Government Palace,

The capital of the province of Tucumán is an outstanding city. Situated in Northern Argentina, San Miguel de Tucumán is more than 1.300 km away from Buenos Aires. So, if you are visiting Buenos Aires, the journey to the city of San Miguel would be very long. But if you are planning a visit to the northern part of the country, I suggest you not to miss this fantastic city.

It is the fifth largest city of the country and is home to numerous fantastic tourist attractions. These attractions include the Government Palace, the Independence House, the Timoteo Navarro Museum of Art, the Ninth of July Park and so on. If you would like to find out more about this beautiful city, read the following article.

Tucumán Government Palace

The outstanding building of the Government Palace in San Miguel de Tucumán wears the characteristics of the French Baroque and eclectic styles. The building houses the office of the government of the province. The construction of the spectacular palace began in 1908 and was finished in 1910. It was inaugurated two years later, in 1912. The beautiful Government Palace is situated opposite the central square, the Plaza Independecia. The interior of the palace is as astonishing as its exterior part, being richly decorated. The main highlight of the palace is the “white room”. The palace is open to the public and can be visited by guided tours.

Tucumán Government Palace,

The Independence House

The historical building of the Independence House is another tourist attraction of the city. It also houses a museum. The house is famous for being the site of the declaration of independence of Argentina. It is a typical colonial building which was constructed in the late 17th century. The house was demolished at the beginning of the 20th century and rebuilt later, in 1941. It is considered a National Historical Monument.

The Timoteo Navarro Museum of Art

The fine arts museum of the city is the most popular museum in San Miguel de Tucumán. It is housed in a building which wears the characteristics of French neoclassical, Baroque and eclectic architectural styles. The museum includes important collections of paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, lithographs and so on. The almost 400 m² main hall houses the major part of the exhibition. The Timoteo Navarro Museum of Art is very popular among visitors.

San Miguel de Tucuman, photo by Nouhailler/Flickr

The Ninth of July Park

The largest and beautiful public park of the city, the Ninth of July Park is a major recreation area for residents of San Miguel de Tucumán. The beautiful park is home to the San Miguel Lake, numerous sculptures, a topiary sun dial, a sports complex and two campuses of the National University of Tucumán.

The Cathedral

One of the oldest churches of the country, the Cathedral of San Miguel de Tucumán is another fantastic attraction of the city. It was founded in 1685. The interior of the cathedral includes beautiful frescoes and some graves of famous argentine personalities. This fantastic cathedral is surely a must-see of the city.

The Plaza de Independencia and the Tucuman Cathedral,


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