Visit the glacial lakes in Argentina

Nahuel Huapi Lake cgrapghics2020/Flickr

Nahuel Huapi Lake ©cgrapghics2020/Flickr

If you are more of a scientist-travel or the glacial relief fascinates you, I suggest you to visit Argentina. Argentina is home to numerous fantastic glaciers and glacial lakes. Some of the most popular and most visited glaciers of the country are protected in the Los Glaciares National Park. These are the following: the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Viedma Glacier, the Upsala Glacier and further other glaciers. Besides visiting these astonishing and breathtaking glaciers, you can also visit the beautiful glacial lakes of the country. Two of them are protected in the Los Glaciares National Park, too: the Lago Argentino and the Viedma Lake.

Lago Argentino

The biggest freshwater lake of the country, the Argentino Lake is of glacial origin. As I already mentioned it, the lake is protected within the popular Los Glaciares National Park. It is a popular natural attraction for visitors.

The lake occupies a surface of almost 1.500 km² with a maximum depth of 500 m. It is a wonderful lake, being surrounded by several breathtaking glaciers and mountains. Together with these glaciers and the nearby city, El Calafate, the lake is an important tourist centre. If you love to visit lakes, you surely can not miss this one.

Lago Argentino quimpg/Flickr

Lago Argentino ©quimpg/Flickr

Viedma Lake

Another beautiful glacial lake of Argentina is the Viedma Lake. It is situated nearby the Argentino Lake, also within the national park. It is fed majorly from the glacier with the same name. The water from this lake flows into the Argentino Lake through the River La Leona. The Viedma Lake is also a popular attraction among tourists, especially nature-lovers who are attracted by the scenic surrounding area and the beauty of the lake.

Viedma Lake Liam Quinn/Flickr

Viedma Lake ©Liam Quinn/Flickr

Nahuel Huapi Lake

An extremely popular lake of glacial origin in Argentina is the Nahuel Huapi Lake. It lies on the northern part of Patagonia, more precisely between the Neuquén and Río Negro provinces.

The lake is famous for its crystal clear waters and breathtaking surroundings which have become the first national park of the county – the Nahue Huapi National Park. The national park is also very popular among tourists due to its wonderful flora and fauna. I suggest you to visit it, too.

Nahuel Huapi Lake cgrapghics2020/Flickr

Nahuel Huapi Lake ©cgrapghics2020/Flickr

Lácar Lake

Located in the province of Neuquén, the Lácar Lake is also of glacial origin. It is a wonderful lake, surrounded by picturesque mountains and it can be attractive for any nature-lover. Visitors can even practice boating on the lake. It is surely a great day out for the whole family.

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