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Cafayate vineyards Tanenhaus/Flickr

Cafayate vineyards ©Tanenhaus/Flickr

Located in the province of Salta, the town of Cafayate is a very attractive destination due to its location in the Calchaqui Valleys. The town is located at a height of 1.683 m above sea level. Cafayate has about 12.000 of inhabitants and is situated 189 km from the city of Salta. The major reason for attracting visitors is its location within the breathtaking Calchaqui Valleys.

Another reason which can be convincing for tourists is the excellent quality of wines which are produced in the area. Besides, there is developed the largest golf course of the continent outside of the center of the city, more precisely at the La Estencia de Cafayate. If you would like to have an unforgettable experience, I suggest you to visit the town of Cafayate.

About Cafayate

As I already mentioned it, Cafayate lies in the beautiful Calchaqui Valleys and is a very attractive wine producing area of Argentina. The town is small enough to tour it by foot or by bike. If you love to ride bicycles, I recommend you to rent one anywhere in the town and tour the nearby vineyards. If you love nature, this experience will surely amaze you as the surrounding area is breathtaking, being abundant in unique rock formations. The wine cellars of the region are open to the public.

Besides the valley which can be discovered and the surrounding wonderful vineyards, there are some good visitor attractions inside the town, too. These are the Cafayate Cathedral, the Museum of Wine and the Cabras de Cafayate. The fantastic museum is dedicated to the traditional relationship of the area with the wine industry. In case you would like to find out more about the tradition of wine producing in the area, you should make a visit. The Cabras da Cafayate can be found about one km from the main square of the town. It is a goat cheese farm which offers fantastic tours and tastings. If you love cheese, you can not miss this attraction. As for the accommodation, don’t expect for luxurious hotels. There are only a few hostels in the town.

Cafayate Cathedral jikatu/Flickr

Cafayate Cathedral ©jikatu/Flickr

The breathtaking Calchaqui Valleys

The Calchaqui Valleys actually include a number of valleys and is famous for its unique geology and contrast of colors. From the mountainous deserts to subtropical forests, the valleys present numerous geographical features and are very attractive for tourists, especially for nature-lovers. The main highlights of the valleys are: Cafayate with its vineyards, Tafí del Valle, Molinos, Cachi, San Carlos, the Los Cardones National Park and Santa María.

Calchaqui Valleys Hanumann/Flickr

Calchaqui Valleys ©Hanumann/Flickr


The wine production in the Valles Calchaquíes is well-known and significant. The conditions for cultivating grapes in the region are perfect and the wines which result are just excellent. The area’s most characteristic wine is torrontés. The majority of wine cellars which surround the town offer free guided tours and tastings.

Cafayate vineyards Tanenhaus/Flickr

Cafayate vineyards ©Tanenhaus/Flickr



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