Visit the Valdes Peninsula

Whale at the Valdes Peninsula Padmanaba01/Flickr

Whale at the Valdes Peninsula ©Padmanaba01/Flickr

One of the most breathtaking and most attractive natural destinations of Argentina is the Valdes Peninsula. It can be found on the Atlantic Coast, in the province of Chubut. The peninsula occupies an area of about 3,600 km². It is a significant protected area of Argentina, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. The best way to get to the peninsula is by getting to Puerto Madryn, the nearest town to it.

The amazing Valdes Peninsula is famous for its fantastic fauna, with elephant seals, sea lions, fur seals and Magellanic Penguins living on the coastal area and Orcas and Southern right whales in the surrounding waters. In case you are more of an adventurer traveler, looking for a unique place to visit, I recommend you to visit the fantastic Valdes Peninsula.

Getting there

As I already mentioned it, the best and easiest way to visit the peninsula is from the town of Puerto Madryn. How to get to Puerto Madryn? Well, there are several options. There are for example long distance bus connections with Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires.

If you do not like the buses from Buenos Aires, you can go by plane, too. The town has its own airport. There are direct flights from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn. So, if you want to get to the peninsula, first get to Puerto Madryn.

Whale at the Valdes Peninsula Padmanaba01/Flickr

Whale at the Valdes Peninsula ©Padmanaba01/Flickr

Highlights – fauna

Like I said, the main reason for tourists visiting the peninsula is the astonishing and abundant fauna. You can see numerous animal species on the coasts and in the surrounding waters. The common species of mammals living here are the following: elephant seals, penguins, fur seals, sea lions, maras, Orcas and Southern right whales.

I bet you don’t have the possibility to see any of these animals in your everyday life, perhaps if you go to a zoo. But admiring them in their natural habitat is surely something incomparable and unforgettable.

Elephant seal on the coast of the Valdes Peninsula longhorndave/Flickr

Elephant seal on the coast of the Valdes Peninsula ©longhorndave/Flickr

Things to do

There are organized different whale-watching tours from the town of Puerto Piramides. This activity is absolutely a must if you visit the Valdes Peninsula. Besides, you can aldo opt for different activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sandboarding or mountain biking.

Seals at the Valdes Peninsula David Holt London/Flickr

Seals at the Valdes Peninsula ©David Holt London/Flickr

Hotels and restaurants

As for the accommodation, it is better to book in advance, especially during summertime and on weekends. There are numerous camping areas, budget and mid-range hotels and two ranches with guesthouses here. You can choose from a quite large number of accommodation options. As for the restaurants, there are several at Puerto Piramides, especially fine seafood restaurants.



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