Visitor’s guide to the Aconcagua Mountain

Aconcagua Mountain

Aconcagua Mountain ©

The amazing Aconcagua Mountain is the highest mountain of the Americas. Situated in the western part of Argentina, in the province of Mendoza, as a part of the Andes mountain range, it reaches a height of 6.960 m. It is extremely popular among climbers. About 3.500 climbers try to reach the summit of the mountain every year. If you are a fan of climbing, too, I suggest you to visit Argentina on your next holiday. Climbing in the Aconcagua Mountain is with no doubt and unforgettable experience. Would you like to find out more about this amazing mountain? All you have to do is to read the following article. It will serve as a visitor’s guide to the Aconcagua Mountain.

How to get there

If you are traveling to Argentina from a different continent, fly to Mendoza or Santiago (Chile). You can also fly to Buenos Aires and get the next flight to Mendoza. Pay attention and get your climbing permit in Mendoza. You can also buy the necessary food supplies. From Mendoza take the bus to Penetentes or to Puente del Inca. The mountain is protected in a National Park which has two entrances: one at Puenta del Inca (it is recommended for those who opt for the normal route or the south face) and the other one goes through the Vacas Valley, near Penetentes (recommended for those who choose the Polish Glacier, the Vacas routes or the Polish Traverse).

Aconcagua Mountain

Aconcagua Mountain ©

Visiting seasons

As I already mentioned it, you have to obtain a climbing permit in Mendoza. Without this they won’t allow you to enter the National Park. It is good to know that you can obtain your permit at Subsecretaría De Turismo, på San Martín 1143. The prices vary depending on season. The high season is between the 15th of December and the 31st of January. The prices vary from 100$ to 700$ depending on your stay. The medium season is from the 1st to the 14th of December and from the 1st until the 20th of February. The prices vary from 95$ to 550$. The low season is from the 15th to the 30th of November and from the 21st of February until the 15th of March. The prices are very low, starting from 95$ to 300$.

Aerial view over the Aconcagua Mountain

Aerial view over the Aconcagua Mountain ©

Climbing and routes

There are numerous different itineraries and camp sites along these. Some of the most popular routes are the following: the Normal Route, the Polish Glacier Route, the Vacas routes or the Polish Traverse. More than 50% of climbers opt for the Normal Route, over 40% chose the Polish Glacier Route, and the remaining go on other routes. Whatever you choose, you will surely have part of an unforgettable experience.

Aconcagua Provincial Park

Aconcagua Provincial Park ©

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