What to Eat and Where to Eat in the Buzzing City of Buenos Aires

Restaurant in Buenos Aires

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Being one of the most tourist friendly city in Argentina, Buenos Aires is a must see tourist destination spot in Latin America. Once you are there, you should know that sampling the local cuisine is a must! As argentine people love to eat, in the following let’s learn a bit more about what to eat and where to eat in the buzzing city of Buenos Aires. Hope this short guide gives you some issues about the local specialties and tips which will be useful on your desired vacation.

Meals that you should try!

el asado


As we all know Argentina is famous for being a meat-eating country that is why they eat meat in various forms. Also the travelers can choose from the variety of regional dishes and cuisine influenced by the immigrants. In Buenos Aires there are Spanish, Japanese, French, Mexican and Chinese restaurants as well. The most popular meal that every traveler should try is the: “el asado”or “parrillada” a mixed grill of steak consisting of meat, sausages, chinchulines and morcilla, served with salads or fried potatoes. Other favorite ones are the so-called fast-dishes-minutas, the difference between these and the fast food is that the fast dishes are not as unhealthy as the fast food. The most popular ones are the “milanesa”-breaded meat and the empanadas served with ground meat, olives, egg and spices. For dessert locals prefer the fresh fruits, the ice cream the sweet caramel-dulce de leche and the flan. As most of the Argentineans have Spanish or Italian heritage, the pizza is also a favorite food in the country. The choripan-spicy sausage sandwich is also a local favorite that you have to try!

Where to eat:

In Buenos Aires there you will find a variety of eating options and places that you can satisfies all your needs. From budget to luxurious restaurants there are all available options in the city.


There are restaurants often referred as “Parilladas” Grill House/Steak House serving barbecued meat and chicken.


In the city travelers can find various al paso(walk through) places to eat where the meals vary and panchos, beef sausages and pizzas can all be found in these eateries. A real favorite one and also a must try one is the mashed squash, which is a full meal ideal for vegetarians as well.

Mid range restaurants

There you can choose from the variety of small restaurants where cheap food and foreign meals are served like Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese. In almost every restaurant, you can find steak on the menu, some of the most popular ones are: Ojo de bife, bife de chorizo,bife de lomo, vacio and asado de tira.

Expensive, luxurious restaurants

If you would like to have dinner in 5 star luxurious restaurants you will find some of them in the Puerto Madero zone, near the downtown of the city. Finest restaurants in this category are: The Grill, Primafila, Cabaña Las Lilas and Rodizio.

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