Where to ski in Argentina

Chapelco Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

Chapelco ©Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

You surely know that Argentina is a colorful country, offering a varied range of activities and tourist attractions. From mountains to deserts, from waterfalls to national parks, from glaciers to lakes and from large cities to wine regions, the country includes almost every type of destinations and sights. Argentina is perfect for nature-lovers, culture-lovers, for adventurer travelers, for those looking for wildlife-watching, for those looking for Tango classes, wine tasting and practicing different sports. One such popular sport which can be practiced in the country is ski. There are numerous resorts where you can go skiing in Argentina. Check out which are these.

Cerro Castor

Argentina’s newest ski resort, Cerro Castor is like a huge winter playground. The fantastic ski resort is located near the southernmost city of the world – Ushuaia. The cold and also stable temperatures at Cerro Castor allow the resort to offer its visitors one of South America’s longest ski seasons.

The season runs between mid-June and mid-October. Skiing, snowboarding and even snowblading are also available. There are schools for beginners, opportunity for renting equipment, restaurants and first aid stands in the resort.

Cerro Catedral

The amazing ski paradise, Cerro Catedral was named for its mountains which have a similar shape with a Gothic or medieval cathedral. It is considered to be one of the first ski resorts in the country. Cerro Catedral has gained a significant reputation during the years.

The resort of Cerro Catedral offers 600 hectares of skiable surface with 39 lifts. The season also runs from mid-June to mid-October. From first-class restaurants to refugees, from souvenir stores to discos, the resort offers numerous facilities to its visitors.

Cerro Catedral demiante/Flickr

Cerro Catedral ©demiante/Flickr

Las Leñas

Another famous ski resort of Argentina is Las Leñas. The resort has been improving its facilities over the last years, adding new lifts and making other renovations, like a new base, guest services, bar, parking and other facilities. The season runs between the middle of June and the end of September.

A medical clinic, kid nursery, restaurants, excellent hotels and an institutional museum can also be found on the grounds of the resort. Skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile riding are also available.

Las Lenas parq/Flickr

Las Lenas ©parq/Flickr


Last, but not least attractive is the amazing resort of Chapelco, located nearby San Martin de los Andes. The resort (at 1,980 m high) offers 22 trails of different difficulties. The quality of snow is excellent which is very attractive for the lovers of ski. Chapelco offers picturesque landscapes and extreme adrenaline at the same time. The season runs between the end of June and the middle of October.

Chapelco Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr

Chapelco ©Alicia Nijdam-Jones/Flickr






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