Your guide to Retiro, Buenos Aires

Santa Fe Avenue, Buenos Aires

Santa Fe Avenue, Buenos Aires ©

Planning a journey to Buenos Aires? There are dozens of things to see and to do in the amazing Argentine capital city. The best-known barrios (neighborhoods) of the city are the following: Palermo, Recoleta, La Boca and San Telmo. Less popular, but very attractive barrio of Buenos Aires is Retiro.

If you are interested in Art Deco architecture and Art Nouveau restaurants and cafes, the neighborhood is a must-visit for you. There are some popular avenues and fantastic landmarks in the barrio, too, including Santa Fe Avenue, the Monumental Tower, the Retiro Station, the San Martín Palace and the San Martín Plaza, the Avenida del Libertador and so on. If you would like to find out more about the barrio, read the following guide to Retiro, Buenos Aires.

Santa Fe Avenue

It is one of the major thoroughfares of Buenos Aires. Besides Retiro, the avenue goes through Recoleta and Palermo. The Santa Fe Avenue (Avenida Santa Fe) is considered one of the major shopping areas of the city. It is also nicknamed “the avenue of fashion”. The avenue is also famous for its spectacular architecture. The avenue is a favorite spot among both local people and tourists.

Santa Fe Avenue, Buenos Aires

Santa Fe Avenue, Buenos Aires ©

The Monumental Tower

The Monumental Tower (Torre Monumental) is one of the major landmarks of the barrio. The tower was actually a gift from the British community of Buenos Aires to the city. It commemorates the May Revolution of 1810. The tower can be found in the Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina, closely to the Avenida del Libertador. The wonderful Palladian style tower is a fantastic landmarks and visitor attraction of the barrio. It is over 75 m tall and extends on eight floors. It presents a huge clock and several bells. There is a cooper cupola on top of it.

Retiro Station

The huge railway station of Retiro is situated opposite the San Martín Plaza. If you love the historic atmosphere of railway stations, I suggest you to visit the Retiro station. It is a French style building which was considered the most significant jewel of South America’s structural engineering for several years. It is also considered one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. The building is an Argentine National Monument.

Retiro Station

Retiro Station ©

The San Martín Palace and the San Martín Plaza

The San Martín Plaza is actually a public park in the barrio of Retiro. Housing the Monumental Tower, the San Martín Palace and the Monument to José de San Martín, it is very popular among visitors. The magnificent San Martín Palace is a remarkable architectural jewel of Retiro. It is a Beaux Arts style building which houses today works of several 20th century American and Argentine artists.

San Martín Palace

San Martín Palace ©

The Avenida del Libertador

The other important thoroughfare of the city, the Avenida del Libertador also makes part of the Retiro district. The avenue is very popular used by dozens of people every day.

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