Your tourist guide to Cuyo

Ischigualasto National Park PabloBD/Flickr

Ischigualasto National Park ©PabloBD/Flickr

Cuyo is the name of a region in the western part of Argentina. The area is bordered by the Andean Northwest region in its northern and north-eastern part, by the region named Pampas in its eastern and south-eastern part, by Chile in its western part and by the region of Patagonia in the south. If you are planning a journey to this region, I am sure you will have part of an unforgettable experience. There are some fascinating tourist attractions in the region, including the Ischigualasto National Park, Talampaya National Park, the city of Mendoza and San Juan. Would you like to find out more about these destinations? In case you do, read the following guide which will serve as your tourist guide to Cuyo.

Ischigualasto National Park

One of the most interesting and most popular national parks of Argentina, the Ischigualasto National Park makes part of the Cuyo region. It is famous for its unique Triassic rock formations which are very attractive for visitors. There are some fantastic rock formations here, including the Canch de Bochas (rocks with the shape of balls), the El Gusano (rocks with the shape of worms), El Sumarino (rocks with the shape of a submarine), El Hongo (a rock which looks like a mushroom) and others. Trekking and biking are popular activities in the park. It can be visited from 9:00 until 16:00 during winter months and from 8:00 to 17:00 during summer. (April 2012)

Ischigualasto National Park PabloBD/Flickr

Ischigualasto National Park ©PabloBD/Flickr

Talampaya National Park

The astonishing Talampaya National Park is another fascinating protected area in the Cuyo region. Talampaya’s major attractions are the breathtaking red canyons which attract dozens of visitors. This amazing World Heritage Site was created to protect its wonderful paleontological and archaeological sites. It is with no doubt a memorable experience.  

Talampaya National Park magical-world/Flickr

Talampaya National Park ©magical-world/Flickr


The most important wine region of Argentina is the province of Mendoza. The city with the same name is a popular tourist destination, especially for those who love wine. There are numerous visitor attractions in the city, not to mention the fantastic activities offered by the region, including visits to the nearby Aconcagua, great wine tours in the surrounding area, horse riding, skiing in the nearby resorts and others. I think you shouldn’t miss Mendoza if you visit this region.

Mendoza vineyard Justin Ornellas/Flickr

Mendoza vineyard ©Justin Ornellas/Flickr

San Juan

San Juan is another popular tourist destination within the region of Cuyo. Wine also plays an important role in the city’s life. Besides wine tours and degustation, there are some great attractions here, including museums, parks, its beautiful cathedral and so on.

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